Printed Interior Decoration Conference

With digital inkjet printing, the solutions to print on different materials such as glass, textiles, plastics and ceramics open new worlds of creative design. There are no limits. During the conference, all aspects of printing on various materials are handled with all their own specifications and applications.

A growing and lucrative market

Large format printing and industrial inkjet in general have been increasingly stimulating the trend of developing printed products for interior decoration, as well as personalisation of design items. The trend has expanded in the professional environment and found its way into shops, bars, hotels, offices and other commercial areas. It employs digital printing technology for creating series of unique designs on wood, glass, textiles and other materials. On one hand, it is driven by economical aspects resulting in imitation of expensive materials such as exotic wood types or wall decoration techniques such as frescos and murals. On the other hand, we witness a returning demand for the use of large scale pictures as wallpaper or ceiling covers, only now they can be produced in the finest quality, meeting visual expectations, light fastness requirements and the overall end user demands.

We often discuss optional personalisation, small stocks and last-minute personalisation but floors, carpets, tiles, glass, furniture or home textiles are nowadays also expected to be of perfect quality, produced in an ecological and sustainable process and fitting into the modern world of online sales. The new economic models can raise to these challenges and offer unique benefits to the larger audience when supported by digital printing.

Who should attend?

The conference welcomes stand builders, shop fitters, hotel decorators, store designers, designers of home textiles, decoration and furniture, interior decorators, designers of offices, restaurants, bars, public places and retail shops. PID is also for all large format printers open for new challenges!