Merck presents new design options with additive colour mixing

The smooth and brilliant chroma combined with optical depth and three-dimensional appearance make RGB printing an interesting option for interior decorations such as wallpapers or eye-catching deco furniture laminates

Merck, a leading science and technology company, will present the capabilities of the new RGB (red, green, blue) printing technology during the Printed Interior Decoration Conference (PID) on June 5th to 6th in Düsseldorf. In his presentation, Marc Hunger, Head of Global Marketing Industrial Decoratives at Merck’s Performance Materials Division in Darmstadt will explain the innovative RGB printing technology and highlight differences to the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) system.

While additive colour mixing until now was only available with self-lit systems, the RGB printing technology makes that colour space now available for printing and enables a new dimension of visual effects. In illuminated displays for example, dots of light combine the colors red, blue and green to mix the RGB colors and add up to white. In RGB printing, these dots consist of Merck’s specially developed, highly reflective Spectraval™ pearlescent effect pigments. The new technique creates a unique chroma combined with great optical depth and reflection effects on the surface.

“RGB printing offers a whole new range of exciting styling possibilities,” Marc Hunger points out, “but it doesn’t require new investments. Merck’s Spectraval™ pearlescent effect pigments can be used on existing printing equipment in standard screen, gravure, or flexo processes.” According to Hunger, the new technology enriches the printing landscape: “RGB printing doesn’t have to compete with CMYK. It is the perfect complement to add a new design impact and enhance your prints.”